In the follow-up to Fighting My Way Back: Thin Lizzy 69-76 and We Will Be Strong: Thin Lizzy 76-81, Popoff documents the tragic end to his three part saga, the tragedy that is the death of Phil Lynott. But before Phil's sad demise, there is much to celebrate. It's Getting Dangerous: Thin Lizzy 81-12 addresses these milestones and more, beginning with the Lizzy albums Renegade, Thunder And Lightning and Life/Live.

Branching out, look for discussion of Phil's solo album The Philip Lynott Album and the man's last track "Nineteen," plus Wild Horses, Grand Slam, Gary Moore, and also Brian Robertson's time with Motörhead plus his recent years solo excursion, Diamonds And Dirt.

Moving forward, there's a detailed look at the revived Thin Lizzy that wildly entertains audiences all over the world today, with much discussion from the boys with respect to charting the legacy Phil has left for them—and us.

Wrapping this trilogy with a big red bow is an all-encompassing discography that will serve as useful reference tool for the serious Lizzy scholar. It is a completist gesture much requested by owners of the first two books thus far, and its heft should live up to the demands of the Lizzy faithful indeed.

As with books I and II of the story, Martin has endeavoured to provide reams of fresh interview footage to support his fresh telling of the tale, additionally stuffing the book with photography and memorabilia shots upon most every page.

Immerse yourself in Popoff's celebrated record-by-record methodology and emerge a rejuvenated Lizzy fan, newly appreciative of the deep album tracks hiding within this singular band's controversial last two records, one of them, incidentally, being the author's fast favourite of the whole catalogue.

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