Main Occupation: author of 115-ish books on hard rock, heavy metal, prog rock, punk and record collecting, plus work for Banger Films and writing for Goldmine and

Past Work:,,,, CMJ, Chart,, Outsider,, Glass Eye, Maximum Guitar, Guitar World, Lollipop, Record Collector, Revolver, Live Wire, Enrage, Radio, Juggernaut, Classic Rock,,,, interview radio show called BraveWords Radio at internet station VirtuallyCanadian ‘96 - ‘98, BBC doc on heavy metal, long-form reviews and features for special edition Metal Hammer mags on AC/DC, Motörhead and Iron Maiden, work for some Spanish, Australian and Brazilian mags, Foreword in Neil Daniels’ book, All Pens Blazing: A Heavy Metal Writers Handbook, a couple other things for Neil as well as Greg Prato, Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles (‘94 – ‘08): Editor in Chief and Writer, Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage feature film and DVD – Researcher, Metal Evolution (11-episode series on metal genres for VH1 Classic), a Sam Dunn and Scot McFadyen production – Researcher, Rock Icons – Researcher, transcribing work on Hip Hop Evolution, additional work on docs on ZZ Top, Alice Cooper, Triumph and Satan.

School: B.A, University of Victoria, M.B.A., McMaster Univeristy

Record Label biographies: approximately 75.

CD liner notes: approximately 30, including work for Dio, Danzig, Testament, Montrose, Molly Hatchet, Love/Hate, Mahogany Rush, War Babies, Badlands, Moxy, Razor, Anvil, Twisted Sister, Blind Vengeance, Nasty Savage, Love/Hate, Kraken, Trouble, Nevermore, Stuck Mojo and various metal and southern rock compilations; also some tour program text

Interviews completed, fully transcribed: 1700

Rhino/Warner Heavy Metal Box liner essay: My contribution is approximately 75 or 80, 100-word “reviews” pertaining to the track selection.

In four coffee table books from Voyageur Press, on AC/DC, Aerosmith, Fleetwood Mac and Iron Maiden, I contributed a few long-form reviews of catalogue albums from these bands, just as other rock journos had contributed to my books from this publisher on Rush and Metallica.

Metal Blade box set: one 5000-word history of Metal Blade

Foreign language: My first Sabbath, Rainbow, Dio, Deep Purple(s) and UFO books are available in German. The Sabbath is also available in Czech and Portuguese, the Dio in Bulgarian, the Deep Purple(s) in French, the Voivod in German, the first Rush in Finnish, the Scorpions in Italian and Polish, the Whitesnake in Bulgarian and Italian, the Motörhead, the Yes in Japanese in Polish and the Metallica in a bunch of languages. I think that’s it. All other territories are open. Contact me for more info.