This is the fourth of the series, and the follow-up to Ye Olde Metal: 1976, Ye Olde Metal: 1973 To 1975 and Ye Olde Metal: 1968 To 1972. Like those, it's also limited to 1,000 copies, signed by me, and it's numbered.

For those not in the loop yet, what I'm doing with this is detailed examinations of classic old albums, using new interviews with guys in the bands, maybe a little available press here and there. These are examinations of albums that are way more exhaustive than any commercially viable (!) book would ever dare. You know me, I just love getting the stories, no matter how many people care anymore. This one's expanded a bit with the photos, cool old ads, 45 sleeves and just general variation in images. The book is 247 pages, highest word count yet, full trade 6" x 9" dimension, and stuffed with trivia folks ain't never heard before - I guarantee it.

The chapters this time:

  • Derringer - Sweet Evil, 21 pages

  • Angel - On Earth As It Is In Heaven, 22 pages

  • Sweet - Off The Record, 16 pages

  • Moxy - Ridin' High, 10 pages

  • The Dictators - Manifest Destiny, 12 pages

  • Triumph - Rock & Roll Machine, 12 pages

  • Styx - Grand Illusion, 8 pages

  • Motorhead - Motorhead, 12 pages

  • Lone Star - Firing On All Six, 19 pages

  • Dirty Tricks - Hit & Run, 8 pages

  • Piper - Can't Wait, 14 pages

  • Goddo - Goddo, 13 pages

  • Ram Jam - Ram Jam, 8 pages

  • Rex - Where Do We Go From Here?, 14 pages

  • Point Blank - Second Season, 14 pages

  • Hydra - Rock The World, 10 pages

  • Legs Diamond - A Diamond Is A Hard Rock, 14 pages

So yeah, the next one in the series will cover 1978, then 1979, one per year likely well into the '80s, at least. But yeah, the idea is that this is a pretty strange, obscure thing to try, and the hope is that people will "collect 'em all," the whole thing making a l'il heavy metal encyclopedia set as they show up, a series, a cool bunch of collectible books.

This book is completely sold out!