Periodical Journalism:

Editorships: HardRadio - Reviews Editor and Writer (Hard Reviews), Interviews Editor and Writer (Hard Views); Senior Editor.

Contributing Writer: Goldmine,

Past Work:,,,, CMJ, Chart,, Outsider,, Glass Eye, Maximum Guitar, Guitar World, Lollipop, Record Collector, Revolver, Live Wire, Enrage, Radio, Juggernaut, Classic Rock,,,, interview radio show called BraveWords Radio at internet station VirtuallyCanadian '96 - '98, BBC doc on heavy metal, long-form reviews and features for special edition Metal Hammer mags on AC/DC and Iron Maiden, Foreword in Neil Daniels' book, All Pens Blazing: A Heavy Metal Wwriters Handbook, Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles ('94 – '08): Editor In Chief and Writer, Rush: Beyond The Lighted Stage feature film and DVD – Researcher, Metal Evolution (11 episode series on metal genres for VH1 Classic), a Sam Dunn and Scot McFadyen production - Researcher.


Riff Kills Man! 25 Years Of Recorded Hard Rock & Heavy Metal (1993)
-1,945 album reviews, 440 p.

The Collector’s Guide To Heavy Metal (1997)
- update of Riff Kills Man!: 3750 album reviews, 540 p., 600,000 words, full-length CD sampler, in fourth printing

Goldmine Heavy Metal Record Price Guide (2000)
- 11,800 entries, 300 photos, 368 p., best of list, essays, full-length CD sampler

Heavy Metal: 20th Century Rock And Roll (2000)
- part of series, themed as The Fifty Most Influential Bands In Heavy Metal, essays, interview segments, discographies, best of lists, 190 p.

Southern Rock Review (2001)
- 410 southern rock record reviews, 150 album cover shots, 200 p., 10 tr. CD sampler, appendices

The Top 500 Heavy Metal Songs Of All Time (2003)
- poll winners, reviews of each, artist quotes for approx. 460 of them, singles shots, artist lists, 486 p.

The Collector's Guide To Heavy Metal - Volume 1: The Seventies (2003)
- 1162 reviews of '70s hard rock albums, most not in original '97 source book (and those that were, expanded/rewritten), 188 album cover shots, seven appendices, 12 tr. rarities sampler, 344 p.

The Top 500 Heavy Metal Albums Of All Time (2004)
- Like the Songs book but better, longer quotes and reviews, longer overall, due to 7” x 10” page size (450 p.). New appendices etc. Winners from a poll, reviews by me, artist quotes for almost all entries.

Blue Oyster Cult: Secrets Revealed (2004)
- A 193 p. bio of the band (focus on albums and songs); original interviews with Buck, Eric, Albert, Joe, and Bobby, plus Greg Scott, Ioannis, Murray Krugman, Sandy Pearlman, Richard Meltzer, John Shirley, Helen Wheels and David Roter.

Contents Under Pressure: 30 Year of Rush At Home & Away (2004)
- a 230 page book with 270 photos (most quite rare) authorized by the band, with fresh interviews, to be sold in bookstores and on tour; full colour throughout, 7" x 10" format.

The New Wave Of British Heavy Metal Singles (2005)
- 580 reviews, 424 pictures of rare singles, prices, catalog #s, dates, label info, 192 p.

UFO: Shoot Out The Lights (2005)
- album by album, song by song "bio" of the band, much new interview footage, 257 p.

Rainbow: English Castle Magic (2005)
- album by album, song by song "bio" of the band, much new interview footage, 228 p.

The Collector's Guide To Heavy Metal - Volume 2: The Eighties (2005)
 - 2,528 reviews of ‘80s albums, Metal Blade CD, album cover shots, two appendices, 432 p.

Dio: Light Beyond The Black
 - album by album, song by song "bio" of the band, much new interview footage, 207 p.

Black Sabbath: Doom Let Loose
 - all eras covered in detail, full colour throughout, large format, 1 kg of doom, 355 p.

Run For Cover: The Art Of Derek Riggs (2006)
- full colour, large format, high quality art book, with loads of chat from Derek, 180 p.

Ye Olde Metal: 1968 to 1972 (2007)
- full trade 6" x 9" format, 231 pages, essays with interviews on classic old hard rock albums.

The Collector's Guide To Heavy Metal - Volume 3: The Nineties (2007)
- 3,073 reviews of '90s albums, Metal Blade CD, two appendices, 518 p.

Ye Olde Metal: 1973 to 1975 (2007)
- full trade 6" x 9" format, 232 pages, essays with interviews on classic old hard rock albums.

Judas Priest: Heavy Metal Painkillers (2007)
- album by album, 541 pictures, 8" x 10", full colour throughout, 380 p.

Ye Olde Metal: 1976 (2008)
- full trade 6" x 9" format, 241 pages, essays with interviews on classic old hard rock albums.

Ye Olde Metal: 1977 (2008)
- full trade 6" x 9" format, 247 pages, essays with interviews on classic old hard rock albums.

All Access: The Art And History Of The Backstage Pass (2008)
- full colour, hardcover, with nearly 1000 photos of passes.

Gettin' Tighter: Deep Purple '68-76 (2008)
- my 250 page book looking at all the records through Mk. IV; lots of pictures too

Ye Olde Metal: 1978 (2008)
- 250 action packed pages on Starz, Boyzz, Godz, DMZ... all the "z" bands.

Blue Oyster Cult! Secrets Revealed! (2009)
- new 2009 edition: new cover, 100 more pages, 174 pictures.

Worlds Away: Voivod & The Art Of Michel Langevin (2009)
- hard cover, full colour throughout, a mammoth compendium.

Goldmine Price Guide To 45 RPM Records, 7th. Ed. (2009)
- front essays, collectible info, 700-odd pages of listings, lots of pictures

Goldmine Record Album Price Guide, 6th. Ed. (2009)
- front essays, collectible info, 700-odd pages of listings, lots of pictures

A Castle Full Of Rascals: Deep Purple '83 - '09 (2009)
- book on Purple covering second half of career; tons of new interviews

Goldmine Standard Catalogue of American Records, 7th Ed. (2010)
- front essays, collectible info, 1344 pages, lots of pictures

The Collector's Guide To Heavy Metal – Volume 4: The '00s (2011)
- 3,367 reviews, 572 pages, Metal Blade sampler included

Black Sabbath FAQ (2011)
- 400 pages of trivia, odd topics, cool interview footage, memorabilia shots

The Deep Purple Royal Family – Chain Of Events Through '79 (2011)
- 280 pages of detailed timeline and 542 memorabilia shots

The Deep Purple Royal Family – Chain Of Events Through '80 - '11 (2011)
- 294 pages of detailed timeline and 513 memorabilia shots

Fighting My Way Back: Thin Lizzy 69 - 76 (2011)
- my 280 page history of the early years, with 238 graphics

We Will Be Strong: Thin Lizzy 76 - 81 (2012
- my 256 page history of the classic mid-years, with 262 graphics

It’s Getting Dangerous: Thin Lizzy 81 – 12 (2012)
- the 248 page finale to my Thin Lizzy trilogy, with 236 images plus discography

Fade To Black: Hard Rock Cover Art Of The Vinyl Age
- my swanky hard cover coffee table book of album covers plus reviews of them

Epic Ted Nugent
- my 292 page book focusing on Ted's Epic years albums; 220 graphics

Scorpions: Top Of The Bill
- my packed 256 page biography of the Teutonic masters, plus 380 pictures

Rush: The Illustrated History
- my yummy, large format full color coffee table book; includes 400 images

Ye Olde Metal: 1979
- the sixth in this quite beloved series, covering 16 heavy or heavy-ish albums from a weird year

2 Minutes To Midnight: An Iron Maiden Day-By-Day
- my 246 page coffee table book set up diary-style with extensive quoting and images

Metallica: The Complete Illustrated History
- plush like the recent hardcover Rush and same format: the story, tons of memorabilia, reviews

The Art Of Metal
- editorship plus wrote one chapter; a symphony of metal art and history by genre – a design dream

Smokin’ Valves: A Headbanger’s Guide To 900 NWOBHM Records
- a reviews book with of virtually every New Wave Of British Heavy Metal single and album

Sweating Bullets: The Deth And Rebirth Of Megadeth
- 340 pages of Megadeth catalogue analysis, live shots, memorabilia shots etc.

Steal Away The Night: An Ozzy Osbourne Day-By-Day
- a timeline with quotes odyssey celebrating all things Ozzy

The Big Book of Hair Metal: The Illustrated Oral History of Heavy Metal’s Debauched Decade
- a yummy, full colour, conceptually hefty celebration of glam metal from the ‘80s

Live Magnetic Air: The Unlikely Saga of the Superlative Max Webster
- 260 pages on a Canadian band with five studio albums from ’76 to ’80.

Sail Away: Whitesnake’s Fantastic Voyage
- my 233-page biog of the band, capably published by Soundcheck Books; with colour shots.

Who Invented Heavy Metal?
- my 256-page exploration of the question, ending in 1971; includes over 250 images.

Sword and Tequila: Riot’s Classic First Decade
- detailed stories of the first five Riot albums and aftermath years, including a long epilogue charting the history to 2105.

Wheels of Steel: The Explosive Early Years of the NWOBHM
- my 240-page exploration of the years 1979 and 1980 in British metal, plus ramp-up.

This Means War: The Sunset Years of the NWOBHM
- my 260 page follow-up to Wheels of Steel: The Explosive Early Years of the NWOBHM; looks at the years 1981 through 1984.

Kickstart My Heart: A Motley Crue Day-by-Day
- coffee table book-quality timeline with quotes examination of the bad boys’ career.

Time and a Word: The Yes Story
- my 202-page detailed timeline with quotes oral history of the complete history of Yes including solo and side-projects.

Ramones at 40
- my 208 premium page coffee table book celebrating the entire catalogue, but issued 40 years to the month after the release of the band’s self-titled debut.

Metal Heart: Aiming High with Accept
- my 260-page book on Germany’s finest metal purveyors, done in my usual analytical album-by-album, song-by-song methodology.

Wind of Change: The Scorpions Story
- my 247 page UK-issued update of Scorpions: Top of the Bill.

Agents of Fortune: The Blue Öyster Cult Story
- my 244 page UK-issued update of Blue Öyster Cult: Secrets Revealed!

From Dublin to Jailbreak: Thin Lizzy 1969-76
- my 211 page UK-issued book reissuing material from my best-selling trilogy.

Rock the Nation: Montrose, Gamma and Ronnie Redefined
- my 290-page book on the complete Montrose and Gamma catalogues; includes two colour inserts.

Popoff Archive – 1: Doom Metal
- my 232 page book of interviews with Candlemass, Trouble, Crowbar, Down etc.

Popoff Archive – 2: Progressive Rock
- my 286 page book of interviews with Marillion, ELP, Jethro Tull, King Crimson etc.

Popoff Archive – 3: Hair Metal
- my 260 page book of interviews with Poison, L.A. Guns, Warrant, Guns N’ Roses etc.

Popoff Archive – 4: Classic Rock
- my 256 page book of interviews with Cheap Trick, Bad Company, Aerosmith, Styx etc.

Punk Tees: The Punk Revolution in 125 T-Shirts
- my 192 page, full colour book of punk shirts, stories and history.

Hit the Lights: The Birth of Thrash
- my 240 page timeline with oral history book on thrash through 1983.

Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers: The Rise of Motörhead
- my 260 page book documenting the classic early days lineup; an ECW Press book.

Metal Collector: Gathered Tales from Headbangers
- stories from readers about autographs and record hunting.

Rush: Album by Album
- my 192 page, full colour book examining all the albums with a team of experts.

Caught in a Mosh: The Golden Era of Thrash
- my 236 page timeline with oral history book on thrash from late ’83 through late ’86.

Led Zeppelin: All the Albums All the Songs
- my 250 page, hard cover, full colour book on all 81 Zep songs.

Tornado of Souls: Thrash’s Titanic Clash
- my 300 page timeline with oral history book on thrash from late ’86 to late ‘91.

Lights Out: Surviving the ‘70s with UFO
- my 158-page examination of the Mick Bolton and classic Michael Schenker years.

AC/DC: Album by Album
- my 256-page full-colour hardcover book using the expert interview format.


Record Label biographies: approximately 72.
CD liner notes: approximately 30, including work for Dio, Danzig, Testament, Montrose, Molly Hatchet, Love/Hate, Mahogany Rush, War Babies, Badlands, Moxy, Razor, Anvil, Twisted Sister, Blind Vengeance, Nasty Savage, Love/Hate, Kraken, Trouble, Nevermore, Stuck Mojo and various metal and southern rock compilations
Interviews completed, fully transcribed: 1475
Rhino/Warner Heavy Metal Box liner essay: My contribution is approximately 75 or 80, 100-word "reviews" pertaining to the track selection.
In three coffee table books from Voyageur Press, on AC/DC, Aerosmith and Iron Maiden, I contributed a few long-form reviews of catalogue albums from this bands, just as other rock journos had contributed to my books from this publisher on Rush and Metallica.

Metal Blade box set: one 5000 word history of Metal Blade

My first Sabbath, Rainbow, Dio, Deep Purple(s) and UFO books are available in German. The Sabbath is also available in Czech and Portuguese, the Dio in Bulgarian, the Deep Purple(s) in French, the Voivod in German, the first Rush in Finnish, the Scorpions in Italian, the Whitesnake in Bulgarian and Italian and the Metallica in a bunch of languages. I think that’s it. All other territories are open. See for more info

In A Previous Life:

Born and raised in British Columbia, Canada., B.A. In English, M.B.A. in Marketing, Xerox Corp. (Rookie Of The Year in '88: Yay!), nine years as co-owner of The Perfect Page, graphic design, print brokering.


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