You might be sayin’, “What the... you’ve already written two Deep Purple books?!”

Sure have, and they’ve been sold mainly to folks on my happy little email list, so with this one, I’ve made sure that the content was all fresh, all 280 pages, including all-new interview footage, all quotes from archival press, all text, all… 542 pictures (more on that later).

The Text:

280 stuffed pages offering an exhaustive and detailed timeline of Purple milestones, often to the day, including some similar bands, influences, cultural milieu, tour stuff, recording sessions, charts, singles, certification news, break-ups, personal stuff, trivia for miles, and lots and lots of artist quotes to add to the entries, turning the book into a quasi-oral history but loaded with factual matter. But as you’ve noticed, this is about FAMILY. So the text weaves, in and out of the story of Purple proper, the dastardly diaries of Rainbow, Whitesnake, Ian Gillan Band, Gillan, Paice Ashton Lord, all the solo projects, guest slots, even Captain Beyond, Warhorse, Jerusalem, Jesus Christ Superstar, Bedlam, Elf, Episode Six, Outlaws, and Pussy. And when I felt it mattered to the story, there’s touchdowns to the likes of Heep, Sabbath, Zeppelin, Nazareth, Moxy, Silverhead, Hard Stuff, Trapeze, Lord Sutch, Warpig, Vanilla Fudge, Brian Auger, Judas Priest, James Gang, Angel and Legs Diamond, always with contextual explanation plus the odd rare and very cool archival advertisement.

The Graphics:

A blazing 542 of them, usually rare, archival, historical shots of record ads, LP and 45 sleeves, tour posters and newspaper notices, ticket stubs, endorsement ads, tour program covers, foreign country releases, and again, contextual things like, say, an ancient Hammond or Marshall ad, studio ads, weird business stuff... Seriously, the crazy, creative old ‘70s ads, and the hype copy on them – that’s why I wanted to do this book. It’s a gallery, flowed and framed by fully 41,000 words of beautifully displayed timeline, which brings us to...

The Design:

This book marks my first project with awesome Calgary-based designer Bill Harris, and what he’s created for the look of this thing is top-flight, eminently readable, a pleasure to flip through and touch down upon the trivia and the rare pictures from deep Deep history (the new cover design is not his, but the inside guts of ‘er is). You’ll love it - a huge step up for my books.

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