These are my mammoth 700 page LP and 45rpm price guides (American Records is 1344 pages!), I did for Goldmine. Much of it is updating existing databases with new entries, new prices, but there are also some introductory essays on collecting. Plus I took a ton of photos of LP and 45 sleeves, added a bunch of trivia etc.

Whether you're cleaning out a closet, basement or attic full of records, or you're searching for hidden gems to build your collection, you can depend on Goldmine Record Album Price Guide to help you accurately identify and appraise your records in order to get the best price. Knowledge is power, so power-up with Goldmine!

  • 70,000 vinyl LPs from 1948 to present
  • Hundreds of new artists
  • Detailed listings with current values
  • Various artist collections and original cast recordings from movies, television and Broadway
  • 400 photos
  • Updated state-of-the-market report
  • New feature articles
  • Advice on buying and selling
  • Goldmine Grading Guide - the industry standard

Record Album and 45 rpm are each $29.95 before shipping.

American Records is $34.95.

Now, I indeed have a small supply of each of these to sell, but they weigh a ton so the shipping is expensive. However, if you want one, email me at and we'll talk. It ain't so bad if you are in the US or Canada, and even for surface shipping overseas. I'll sign them, of course, and shipping looks a little better if you are ordering one in conjunction with some other books.