Again, to repeat the vitals, The Goldmine Heavy Metal Record Price Guide is the world's first price guide for heavy metal records. The book is 368 large format 8 1/2 x 11 pages comprising 11,800 separate entries/prices for heavy metal LPs, EPs and 12" singles from around the world, 300 photos of rare booty, thousands of descriptive notes, a full-length 18 track Metal Blade CD, interviews with Metal Blade's Brian Slagel and Neat Records' Jess Cox, a history and lengthy definition of heavy metal and my Top 10 heavy metal albums of each of the last 30 years.

OK, what else to say. I guess one cool thing is that the photos rock. They are comprised of shots of rare LPs and 12" pieces from the collections of myself and two buddies. Plus I've included a ton of cool trivia notes, like Isay, thousands, as well as a bunch of these snide succinct band comment things. Pricing is for Near Mint and VG+ condition, and the Goldmine rating system is thoroughly explained. There's all kinds of variation stuff, catalogue numbers, years of release, reissue info, various artist albums . . . and it's all VINYL!

Critieria for entry is important: I've included as amny 12" singles, EPs and LPs I could find documentation on, including American releases as well as those from where the band s from. So like, Metallica is in with US releases while Saxon is in with US and UK releases, dig? Comes out to about 11,800 entries, which was the forecasted plan for size of the book. Had to come up with some way to cut 'er off. Email me at if any questions. By the way, if you want multiple copies of a book, or a couple different ones, email me and we'll figure out how to knock a bit off for postage and the fact that you are really helping me clear out my basement.

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