Y'know, from all the emails I've been getting, everybody thinks this is my book, so I decided to offer it at my site. I suppose it's as much mine as anybody's (long story – I did a TON of work on this thing, and not only the parts I did actually write). Suffice to say this is a drop-dead beautiful book, full of lots of great journalism, page layouts, and high quality photography and reproduction. It's actually pretty much the most regal printed artifact I've ever been associated with. So yeah, the publisher's blurb reads as follows:

Few genres of music have been more entwined with the imagery that the music invokes more than heavy metal. Since the late 1960s, the imagery of the heavy metal genre has been closely connected with the music itself. Classic albums evoke memories of famous cover artwork; metal bands have become forever synonymous with their iconic logos; and landmark live shows have led to instantly recognizable gig posters that embody the time, place, and passion of the events. It's even possible to trace the genre's evolution by examining a continuum of its art.

In The Art Of Metal: Five Decades Of Heavy Metal Album Covers, Posters, T-Shirts, And More, renowned music journalist Malcolm Dome and BraveWords' Editor In Chief Martin Popoff offer a beautifully presented chronological collection of the colorful, outlandish, and sophisticated album covers, posters, T-shirts, and more that span decades of heavy metal music. More than 400 gorgeously reproduced works of art are complemented by in-depth features, including quotes from the graphic artists and musicians responsible for them. Popoff and Dome also spotlights the metal genre's most influential artists and photographers and delves into other topics that include metal merch, magazines, fashion, and tattoos.

In the process, The Art Of Metal illustrates and explores the close-knit relationship between those timeless riffs that thunder from Marshall stacks and the images that have come to represent the songs, anthems, and sheer nature of headbanger culture-a must for any true thrasher's bookshelf.

The Art Of Metal: Five Decades Of Heavy Metal Album Covers, Posters, T-Shirts, And More is 224 pages and represents another fine, fine offering from Voyageur Press.

Book still available, however I personally am out of stock.